Chris Hayes Names Only Thing Standing Against ‘Authoritarian Decline’ Under Donald Trump

Chris Hayes on Friday night broke down what he believes is the only thing standing between the rule of law in America and “a kind of authoritarian decline” under President Donald Trump.

And that ― the host of MSNBC’s “All In” declared ― “is us.”

“It’s not any law anywhere and it’s certainly not the words as written in the Constitution,” said Hayes, while picking apart the ongoing fallout surrounding Attorney General William Barr’s intervention in cases against Trump allies including Roger Stone.

“The laws we have, the institutions we have, those are all vitally important but fundamentally we are what stands in the way,” Hayes added.

The news anchor later noted how “the restraint, the thing stopping the president from doing whatever he wants are people” who mobilize, organize, call switchboards of Congress and resign from their roles as civil servants in protest.

“Heck, people marching and protesting outside the Department of Justice if that’s what it takes because the only thing to stop him is us,” he added.

Check out the full segment above.

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